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Badger State Vettes 2008 Photo Gallery
Annual Badger State Vettes Holiday Party
Annual Midwest Region Party and Awards Banquet
March BSV Meeting Award Presentation
July BSV 250 Drive Out
Fall Color Run
April Low-Speed Autocross in Rantoul, IL
May Low-Speed Autocross in Mattoon, IL
June Low-Speed Autocross in Waukesha, WI
Corvettes in the Dells
July Low-Speed Autocross in Rantoul, IL
Badger State Vettes Hosted July Low-Speed Autocross in Burlington, WI
Midwest Region Championship Series in Rantoul, IL
Badger State Vettes & Northern Rays Gimmick & Poker Rallyes
Badger State Vettes Concours and People's Choice Show
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