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Badger State Vettes Low-Speed autocross in Oak Creek, WI
It's our annual trek to the MATC south campus to make a go of it. From the pictures, it didn't look as sunny, but that doesn't mean the heat wasn't on.

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GEDC1639 GEDC1640 GEDC1641 GEDC1642 GEDC1643 GEDC1644 GEDC1645 GEDC1646 GEDC1647 GEDC1648 GEDC1649 GEDC1650 GEDC1651 GEDC1652 GEDC1653 GEDC1654 GEDC1655 GEDC1656 GEDC1657 GEDC1658 GEDC1659 GEDC1660 GEDC1661 GEDC1662 GEDC1663 GEDC1664 GEDC1665 GEDC1666 GEDC1667 GEDC1668 GEDC1669 GEDC1670

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