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Midwest Region Annual Awards Dinner for 2016 Competition
The yearly opportunity to get together to celebrate a year of competition in all types of sanctioned events.

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GEDC2474 GEDC2475 GEDC2476 GEDC2477 GEDC2478 GEDC2479 GEDC2480 GEDC2481 GEDC2482 GEDC2483 GEDC2484 GEDC2485 GEDC2486 GEDC2490 GEDC2491 GEDC2492 GEDC2493 GEDC2494 GEDC2495 GEDC2496 GEDC2497 GEDC2498 GEDC2499 GEDC2500 GEDC2501 GEDC2502 GEDC2503 GEDC2504 GEDC2505 GEDC2506 GEDC2507 GEDC2508

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