BSV 2021 Elections

03-November-2021 – General Membership Meeting at 7:30PM

We will be holding elections for the Badger State Vettes board and officer positions. This will be performed during our normal membership meeting which starts at 7:30PM at Diamond Jim’s located at 11811 W. Janesville Ave.

If you are able to support your local businesses, we encourage you to consider purchasing food and drink while you are there.

Parking in back and there are neighboring lots to the West and on Janesville Ave.

Concours and People’s Choice Show

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A huge thanks to Heiser for being a sponsor, a great partner, and providing us a place to hold the show for many years.
Heiser Chevrolet

Please scroll down to see the other, very lengthy, list of organizations that have helped make the event possible. All of these organizations would appreciate if you consider them when you’re in the market for their wares.

Check out some of the additional people that helped make this event possible.

  • Badger State Vettes Members
    • silent auction items & door prizes
  • Bonneson Law Offices
    • door prizes & silent auction item(s)
  • Corvette Adventures
    • goodie bag item(s) & silent auction item(s)
  • Corvette America
    • door prizes & silent auction item(s)
  • Corvette Central
    • goodie bag item(s) & door prizes
  • Flag Caddie, LLC
    • silent auction item(s)
  • Heiser Chevrolet
    • the bag the goodies came in & silent auction item(s)
  • Michael Bruce Associates (Author of Corvette Black Book)
    • door prize
  • Motorbooks
    • goodie bag item(s)
  • Paragon Corvette Reproductions
    • goodie bag item(s)
    • goodie bag item(s) & door prizes
  • Stoner Invisible Glass
    • silent auction item(s)
  • Volunteer Vette Products
    • goodie bag item(s)
  • Vette Vues
    • goodie bag item(s)
  • Wisconsin Imaging Solutions
    • trophies, printing, & goodie bag items
  • Zip Products
    • goodie bag item(s) & door prizes

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