BSV Presents Check to Wisconsin Hero Outdoors

Each year, when we host an event like our car show, some of the proceeds are donated to local charities. This year is no different. Our selected group was Wisconsin Hero Outdoors. If you’d like to see our tradition of donations, please visit the page that lists all the groups that have benefitted over the years from our club activities.

The following are pictures taken at our October 2022 club meeting.

On behalf of BSV, Joan presented partial proceeds, from our August Concours show to Tammy Sawyer at our October 5 meeting. Tammy is the Development Director of Wisconsin Hero Outdoors (WHO) and attended our show at Heiser Chevrolet. She enjoyed representing WHO while talking with everyone, checking out the beautiful Vettes and provided an overview of their organization at the membership meeting. They work with multiple VA Medical/Mental Health departments in Wisconsin, non-government organizations, Veteran Service Organizations and a variety of local police and fire departments. Their mission is to help connect Heroes and their families to outdoor activities ranging from hunting and fishing excursions to golf, SCUBA diving and equestrian programs. They address both the physical and mental health challenges brought on by the stresses of service. Suicide is occurring at alarming rates and their work helps in suicide prevention. Money raised through the Concours will help them purchase equipment, food and funds needed to continue this important work.

Updated on 24-Oct-2022

Badger State Vettes Concours for 2022

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Before we get into all the goodness that is the photos from our annual Concours event, we need to express our gratitude to those who provided support for our event. Please consider these vendors when you are considering your next purchase:

Heiser Chevrolet

An excellent partner that provides an excellent venue for our annual show!

Badger State Vettes Members – Items for silent auctions and door prizes
Bonneson Law Offices – Door prizes
Corvette Central – Items for goodie bags and door prizes
Griot’s Garage – Item for silent auction
Heiser Chevrolet – Item for silent auction and the goodie bag bag
Marco Technologies – Specialty trophies
Michael Bruce Associates (Author of Corvette Black Book) – Door prize
Paragon Corvette – Silent auction item and goodie bag item – Door prizes and item for goodie bag
Top Flight Automotive – Silent auction item and door prizes
Volunteer Vette Products – Items for goodie bag
Zip Products – Item for goodie bag and door prizes

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