Broken Image Galleries – FIXED

The WordPress plug-in we use to display the images on the site has suddenly broken. Thank you to Brian to letting us know.

I’ve tried several times to resolve the issue and have yet to find the cause. I’m going to keep working on it and will update the post when resolved. No updates were made to the site when this broke, so that makes it even harder.

Rest assured, we’ll get it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Reverting to a previous version of the plug-in has addressed the problem while we work with the vendor.

FINAL UPDATE: The vendor has updated their application to work with our type of configuration (which is not very common) and that resolved the issue.

Updated on 08-Jan-2024
Updated on 30-Jan-2024

One thought on “Broken Image Galleries – FIXED”

  1. WordPress Plug? What is that, how can I tell you it was broken if I do not know what the hell it is?? Seriously Brian, you are doing a great job with the website. May I will see you at the concourse and a meeting sometime in the future!!
    Dan Skopp

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